Welcome to the CacaoBlog!

What is CacaoBlog? I'm sorry, I'm not going to blog about food or drinks.

My main reason to create this blog is to inform about the quite challenging issue of finding a good OpenSource JVM for an ARM-Based embedded system. So far the most promising one is the CacaoVM (http://www.cacaojvm.org/).

For now I didn't find the perfect one. I'm trying to run it on an ARMv5TE-based µC from Freescale i.MX28evk. 

Within the next weeks I'm going to cross-compile the different VMs (SharkVM, ZeroVM, CacaoVM, Kaffe and Avian) with OpenJDK-6 using Bitbake and OpenEmbedded-Layers. Then I'm going to do some benchmarking and try to run them for some days. Unfortunately the CacaoVM crashed after something like 2 days with an OutOfMemory-Error. But it's not a Memory-Leak within the Java-Application.

I would say that's enough for now and you will get more information within the next weeks. My biggest hope is to get some good comments about what I should test and compile. Or what I can make better.